Secured Communication

hipaa complianceYour medical office must comply with HIPAA at every turn, and you may not realize that your messaging systems are simply not compliant with privacy laws. You are constantly sending information back and forth between your office and other offices in the medical field, and your system must keep your privacy. This series of articles explains how your HIPAA secure text messaging system must work, how to choose one and the benefits of remaining private at all times.

#1: The System Must Use A Secure Server

Any messaging service you sign up with must use a secure server. You are likely using a web browser to send and receive messages, and you will see the “https://” prefix on all your browser windows. Secure servers help protect your information from hackers, and you can ensure your recipients that your system is secure. Everyone who receives a message will see the prefix that indicates you used a secure server.

#2: Requiring Return Messages On A Secure Server

You may be deeply concerned about sending messages on a secure server, but you do not know for sure if your recipients are replying in the same manner. You can ensure that the recipient uses a secure server by putting information on every message that asks for a secure response. You are doing your due diligence by asking for a secure response, and you will have a record of your requests in case any issues arise.

#3: Sending Large Files

security All large files may be sent over the server to any location without limits. You need not send a certified package that costs a fortune to mail, and you will not wait around hoping that your recipient got the package. You will have a secure message that contains the files, and your recipient may use them instantly. The transfer of large files back and forth between you and another office helps improve care for your patients, and you may resolve any issues over patient records in the course of an hour.

Using a secure system to send messages to other medical offices is a very efficient way to manage your business. You may request a secure response to your messages, and you may send large files over the server. Secure servers save your business quite a lot of time and money, and anyone in your office can learn to use these messaging systems while communicating with other medical professionals.